Buddie showed up one morning, from where we often wonder. Our family thought of lots of names for him, Lucky and Red Dog were seriously in the running and Bob was calling him Rat Dog for awhile. We settled on Buddie because it was clear he wanted to be one. I’m thinking there have been alot of firsts for Buddie here. I don’t think he was ever in a house before, ever given love before, ever been fed human food before and never been part of a family before. He’s a brave little dog that likes nothing more than protecting the farm and us from vicious animals like deer and turkey. Every morning, evening and walk time he gets so excited he bounds, leaps and skips (if he could he would) around and it delights us.




I thought after 53 years I had it all figured out. Then along came Bob. It was love within a month and that’s how I ended up 2,000 miles from my home in Tucson on a 37.5 acre farm in Kentucky, happier than I could have dreamed possible.